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WordPress on Ubuntu

Setup WordPress on Ubuntu in minutes

Avoid common WordPress Errors
404 page found

404 page found

When a 404 error message pops up, it simply means the server can’t find the file the user requests. This usually happens if your .htaccess file got deleted or something went wrong with the rewrite rules

500 internal server error

500 internal server error

NGINX gives 500 Internal Server Error when there is a server-side error that prevents NGINX from returning a proper response. It can be due to many different reasons such as faulty script, missing files referenced by code, inadequate file permissions, etc.

Admin inaccessible

Admin inaccessible

Sometimes you will not be able to access WordPress admin. Common reasons are your login credentials (username/password) may be incorrect or You're being blocked by your security plugin or You changed the WordPress login URL or Your WordPress memory limit is too low

Database connection Error

Database connection Error

Possibly the most common cause of the Error Establishing a Database Connection is simply that WordPress has incorrect login credentials for your database. This could be either the database name, username, or password.

Unable to upload image

Unable to upload image

The image upload issue in WordPress is typically caused by incorrect file permissions. Your WordPress files are stored on your web hosting server and need specific file and directory permissions to work. Wrong file permissions prevent WordPress from reading or uploading file on the hosting server.

White screen of death

White screen of death

WordPress blank page caused by exceeding memory limits of your hosting server. Exceeding the memory limits is another very likely reason for the white screen of death. This usually happens when you try to install a plugin that exceeds your default memory limit and causes the WordPress blank page.

"Say Goodbye to nginx configuration errors and DNS issues "

Hello WordPress on Ubuntu

Before WordPress on Ubuntu: Spend hours on setting up WordPress.

With WordPress on Ubuntu: Run a single command and you'll be up and running in minutes.

Stop struggling with Niginx and WordPress errors. Let WordPress on Ubuntu set everything up for you.

Meet your timesaver, WordPress on Ubuntu

Using script you can set up WordPress in 1 minute. We used the LNMP (Linux, Nginx, MYSQL and PHP) stack to set up WordPress on the Ubuntu server. Run the script, sit back and have your coffee, script will set up WordPress for you


Secure by default

We will install the necessary SSL certificate for your site. SSL certificate enables end-to-end encryption between your server and browser. SSL certificate will improve your SEO score.

Loads your site faster

We use nginx which has a lightweight structure, and much faster Apache architecture. We also configure a reverse proxy,so you can use the same server to host multiple websites.



Buy once, save your valuable time again and again.

No Subscription. Get lifetime access, plus any future updates for a simple one-time price.

You'll have your own WordPress, and you can install for any number of your clients, forever.


  • Multiple WordPress sites in same server

  • Unlimited Free SSL Certificate with Let's Encrypt

  • Auto renew SSL Certificate with certbot

  • PHP, MariaDB, Nginx installation

  • PHP common packages required for WordPress (curl, zip, xml, mbstring ... )

  • Nginx virtual host configurations

  • Increases nginx upload limit up to 10MB

  • Detailed how-to documentation (including creating Amazon AWS EC2 or LightSail, connecting via SSH or putty)

  • 30 Minutes in-person script support - via Google Meet

Who created
WordPress on Ubuntu?

Hi all! We are GoGoSoon. We are a very young, dynamic and passionate startup.

Our co-founder Saran has very good experience on WordPress development & deployment, before he started GoGoSoon, he was working as a freelancer where dealt with a lot of WordPress development. He developed WordPress plugins, WordPress themes and hosted WordPress on multiple hosting environments such as cPanel, AWS EC2, Google Compute, etc…He has very good experience in theme customization, plugin debugging, based on 5 years of our co-founder experience he wrote the script which install WordPress in best.

Our co-founder says on average it takes at least 1 hr to set up WordPress in EC2, every time there will be errors with configurations, php additional modules, permission, etc… He loves to automate time consuming processes. He wrote WordPress on Ubuntu, which we used internally at GoGoSoon to deploy a lot of WordPress sites. Later we decided to help all fellow developers like us. So we launched it as a product 🚀


See what is your Frequently question

Get yours question answer

How to get started?

It's very simple. Once you buy the script, you can download the zip file (we will also send an email with a link to download the script). Extract the zip file in your server and run a single command install.sh. To learn more checkout the documentation

Can I set up multiple WordPress sites in the same server using the script?

You can easily set up multiple WordPress sites on the same server using the same script. Only thing is you needed to have multiple domains or sub domain

Is there a money-back guarantee?

If WordPress on Ubuntu doesn't work as advertised for you, send me an email within 30 days we will personally set up WordPress for you or refund your full money.

Will I get an installation guide or help manual?

Once you purchase, we will provide you with a zip file containing PDF help manual and installation guide. Help manual includes step by step guide for creating WordPress site using AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure

I'm not a developer and/or I'm new to WordPress, will I be able to use WordPress on Ubuntu?

Why not! you can easily set up WordPress on AWS by following step-by-step instructions documentation and you'll be up and running in minutes. If you get stuck and the documentation isn't helpful, we I'll be happy to walk you through it personally over google meet or Zoom.

Will the script work on all Operating Systems?

Currently we support only Ubuntu machines. But we always love to help you if you want to set up for linux OS. Kindly send us an email, we will develop a script.

Can I reuse the downloaded script?

Absolutely yes. Buy the script once and use it forever. We won’t charge you again and again

I already know how to set up WordPress on AWS, what do I gain from the script?

You will save a ton of time. Run a single command and you will be up and running in minutes

Can I modify the script?

Once you get the script, it is absolutely yours. You can do whatever you want.

Do you have any another questions?

Email us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to get you an answer within 2 business days.

Save your time

Developers all over the world are happily using WordPress on Ubuntu ❤️.